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    Featured UPS products

    A UPS for all applications and all budgets

  • iPlug Line Interactive 800VA
  • H3 Line Interactive 800-2000 VA TOWER
  • H3 Line Interactive 500VA - 3000VA RACK and TOWER / RACK
  • P3 OnLine 1000-3000 VA TOWER
  • PX3 On Line 1000VA-3kVA TOWER / RACK
  • PX3 On Line 3.3 - 10kVA TOWER/ RACK
  • G3 OnLine 10-120 KVA TOWER

New SPowerUK product range greatly enhances choice and optimal solution.
On-line, double conversion for the fullest protection from mains disturbances, or line interactive for value
Many products are configurable as Tower or rack mount - same product maximum flexibility - whether under the desk, in a cubicle or in an equipment rack

The best source for Uninterruptible Power Supplies to keep you producing, manufacturing, computing and in business. SPowerUK is established in the UK and available from the UK. We know about UPS technology and provide a complete range of scaleable solutions. Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements, our experience will be then accessible to you and will result in the best solution being proposed.

+44 (0)1942 608 265 for UPS solutions

Ensuring secure power is increasingly a challenge. This challenge occurs more and more often with the extended use of IT, computers, automation and health & safety issues in the home, offices, industry, telecommunications and data centres. SPowerUK products meet these challenges.