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                  1. what level of protection or security is needed?


UPS technology

no UPS

Passive Standby

Line Interactive

Double Conversion




power failure
voltage drop
voltage spikes

power failure
voltage drop
voltage spikes
low voltage

power failure
voltage drop
voltage spikes
lightning effects
under voltage
over voltage
voltage surge
frequency variation
voltage distortion
voltage harmonics

SPower ranges




P3 PX3 G


where mains supply loss has no effect or consequences

applications where loss of mains supply has minimal effect

where some outage can be tolerated

where complete protection is needed - significant consequences of mains supply failure or disruption



home entertainment - home PC, SOHO

small servers, network components, workstations

critical servers, large servers, automation equipment, mission critical applications


2. Next the supported load has to be known; this will usually be expressed in KW - but a UPS has to be sized in KVA owing to load characteristics - check out individual products for this conversion.

Sized for effectiveness?

3. This simple multiplication may not give the best result in UPS sizing; this is because a UPS that matches the load in 1:1 terms may not be able to withstand inrush currents when switching the load on or be able to recover quickly enough to be useful following a period of blackout. Our data sheets provide this information.


4. The Autonomy is the next consideration - how long does the unit have to hold up the load in the case of blackout? Forever is ideal but this cannot be achieved with batteries! You should consider your experience of site outages - and provide an autonomy accordingly. You should plan to shut down non-critical systems when the mains fails. In most data applications it is the data that has to be protected, the UPS can trigger an orderly shutdown of files after a programmable period - allowing a controlled and quick recovery. The SPower range includes many solutions with battery extensions for extended autonomies - with additional chargers where needed - call us to discuss your application.


5. Consider the load’s operating system - software allows close coupled integration of the mains supply, the UPS and the load equipment to provide a complete solution.


6. If in any doubt at all simply contact SPowerUK - we are here to help you regardless of the size and complexity of the application. We undertake a technical appraisal of all orders prior to acknowledgement.


7. Single phase units <= 3kVA are user configurable and installable, our manuals provide complete information, and powerful software is provided. For larger systems >3kVA, especially 3 phase applications get in touch with SPowerUK and we will make our experience and services available to you.