Electrical, Air Conditioning & Mechanical Services

We all depend for our livelihood on using, transmitting, and storing electronic data and information. Whilst we know that large data centres carry out this work on our behalf do we really know how they tick and what facilities are needed to ensure that our information is maintained and stored correctly?  As all computers require a certain operating environment whilst consuming power and giving off heat then the electrical power system for a data centre is a key issue. From main electrical power supply intake to the final output in the computer hall great care has to be taken to guarantee a high integrity, high reliability power supply system.

The design of the electrical system, its correct operation and maintenance are paramount in ensuring that data is used, transmitted and stored correctly.

For the most reliable operation computers require to have a controlled temperature and humidity environment with a stable and continuous electrical input power supply at all times. These requirements mean the data halls in a data centre need to have: Air conditioning. and stable, inference free, continuous electrical power.

  • Essential and Non Esssential Services

    Clearly the air conditioning and mechanical services require a lower grade of power supply than the Computer Equipment in the data hall.  The computer equipment needs a stable voltage, frequency, and wave form with no disturbances or break in the power supply.  These two statements give rise to the electrical designer providing two electrical sub systems as follows:

    Computer load   – “Essential Services”
    Air conditioning and mechanical services – “Non Essential Services”

  • Essential Services
  • Non Essential Services
  • Air Conditioning
  • Energy Efficiency