Independent System Health Checks

It is essential that from time to time data centre electrical systems are appraised and checked by independent experts. This allows the experts to meet data centre staff and review the operation and maintenance regimes being adopted and to ascertain any flaws in the design together with the remedial actions that may be required. These checks allow an expert third party to bring an outside view to the situation. This often results in simple but effective improvements being identified with resultant savings in both cost and time.
The Assured Power Associates team has over 40 years of experience in Uninterruptible Power Supplies (U.P.S.) systems with companies such A.E.G., Merlin Gerin and Siemens plc, Chloride and Eaton. During that time we were involved in the successful implementation of many thousands of standby power systems with blue chip clients in all sectors of industry and commerce. With our experience in the data centre critical power field and being independent of any specific manufacturers of the critical power system elements means we are well placed to assist in such health checks

When did you last...
,,,test the generators?
...load test the batteries?
...check and test the electrical switchgear?
...think about automatic battery condition monitoring?

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