Power Audit FAQ

Data Centre Power Audit FAQ’s

What are the benefits of a Power Audit?
It provides an up to date review of your power supply situation proposes potential cost savings  together with reliability benefits.

What is best practice in power quality?
Over 40 years Assured Power has built up a considerable knowledge by working with major critical power suppliers and users. Best practice is about good quality data, a clear understanding of site power configurations, appropriate financial and risk management The APA Power Audit reviews all these and offers recommendations specific to your organisation.

What’s involved, how much of a commitment must I make?
The information you will need to provide  includes no more than the site single schematic drawing and any site electrical  equipment documentation. In addition we need to make a site electrical visit and carry out with your appropriate personnel an interview to review the site information. Once completed we will then produce and present a site report during a face to face meeting lasting about an hour

Who are Assured Power Associates?
APA is a provider of specialist power supply consultancy. With other 40 years of experience of  providing energy efficient , reliable critical power solutions  with such companies as Siemens, Merlin Gerin, Chloride, British Telecom, BNFL etc
We are able to provide practical support and user friendly approach to organisations of all shapes and sizes