Battery Systems

8Most data centres procure batteries and their ancillary equipment / services from the major manufacturer UPS suppliers. These are taken in turn from many original manufacturing sources. Clearly when these are supplied in this way some additional margins are added in the supply chain and there is a pressure to reduce the original product price / cost to a minimum. Both these factors can result in the data centre being supplied with a low quality solution and at a higher price than necessary.

APA is an independent provider of such systems and will provide a balanced solution for your new or replacement battery requirements. This means you get the best priced, high reliability, solution for the “keystone” of your Critical Power application.

Battery Monitoring
Batteries for critical power applications are expensive and need to be operated in the right environment in order to ensure correct performance and long life. How can you ensure that throughout service for 365 days per year, 24 Hrs a day, for 10 years or more, that this is ensured? What happens at the end of battery life? How do you know there is a problem and can you predict it?

Modern U.P.S. provide a good electrical environment for batteries in terms of controlled charging circuits an temperature control of charge voltage etc. However what happens if they go wrong or the air conditioning in the battery room goes out of the required specification?

The way to overcome all these issues is to provide a good monitoring system that not only records performance changes and faults but gives predictive information. Modern battery monitoring systems can be deployed to meet these requirements.

APA specialise in the specification and provision of these including installation as necessary. The performance of such installations is paramount. We will provide the best, and most competitive solution for your requirements whether a new installation or a retrofit.